Tuesday, February 28, 2012

For Myrdal the Country Feeling Kid and Kidman the Country Feeling Manchild

Straight from the Country (feeling), Bella Manchild (w/Kidman channel bottom single) and Grandma Pascoline (w/Frye keel). Foto by Alby Falzon. Dane Kealoha not featured but def felt, more ohana than Benihana.

Lost In The Ether at Anthology Film Archives

Day after Valentine's screening of Ank Manchild's "Lost in the Ether" at Anthology Film Archives, an intimate quasi-educational look at shapers and their designs as told by an Australian who actually gives a shit. Has 'narration' as told by Kidman himself, although rumour has it Mish will be doing the next one inna Uki-tinged Cross Bay accent. Speaking of which, classic Parmenter 'goober?' remark about there being, 'too much fashion in surfboards' which encouraged and upset audience members, depending on their cutback. One gracious lady couldn't believe how much she'd learned during the film, visibly relieved when specific questions about 'belly and roll' were explained onscreen. Apparently, 'in Montauk' they like to keep people guessing about the function of certain surfboards.  A voice in the crowd of 75 or so admitted to being 'surprised that more people in the New York Surfing community weren't present for such an important film."  A gentleman nearby chimed, 'the movie is not for everyone.'  It wasn't Andy Kessler or Michael Oppenheimer.

Peep andrewkidman.com for copies. (*WARNING: This movie may cause feeling)

There's something almost naughty about viewing this footage of Geppy at work, an otherwise intensely private individual who wore a dust-mask during his brief intv, not unlike the other 'half' of an OG San Diego Fish. They give tours of the White House and the Pentagon, right?  Now you know what'sup with Guldens!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Child of Tree

Andrew Funcheon performing Child of Tree, for amplified plant materials (1975), Thursday night for the Sound Re-Imagined: John Cage at 100 Festival.

'...no conventionally pitched instruments are to be used, and none made of animal materials or metal materials.'

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Califone at Merkin Hall performing an 'improvised with markers' score to Buster Keaton's 1925 "Go West," a silent film about a man who moves to New York to find work but overwhelmed by city life becomes a cowboy somewhere on the outskirts of Manhattan and successfully escorts 1000 cows to their slaughter in Los Angeles. 

John Schaefer givin SoundCheck props...